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Om. All this, whatsoever moves on the earth should be covered by the Lord, Īśvara... (Īśāvāsya-upaniṣad I.i)

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"Let the lucid line-by-line exposition of the commentaries of Bhagavatpāda on the Upaniṣads and the Brahma-sūtras and of other scriptural texts of the Advaita Vedānta be made available to as many spiritual seekers as possible"

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Brahmaśrī Dr. Mani Dravid Sastrigal

Brahmaśrī Dr.Mani Dravid Sastrigal (43) is the grandson of the very widely known Śrī Rajeswara Sastrigal of Varanasi, a pundit of great repute and Āstāna Vidvān of the King of Kasi. Śrī Sastrigal studied under late Śāstraratnākara, Vedamūrti Brahmaśri Pranthiangarai Śrī S. Subramania Sastrigal, Director of the Mahesh Research Institute, Varanasi and Editor of many standard Advaitic works... More about Brahmaśrī Dr. Mani Dravid Sastrigal


Brahmaśrī Dr R. Krishnamurthi Sastrigal

Vedamūrti Brahmaśrī Dr R.Krishnamurthi Sastrigal (63) hails from a family of distinguished Vedic scholars and anuṣṭhātas and a special mention needs to be made of his own father Salakṣaṇa-veda-vidvān Brahmaśrī Rajagopala Ghanapatigal of Mullaivasal who had dedicated his entire life to the teaching of Vedas and was always seen revelling in the recitation of the Vedas, especially the Upaniṣads, the bhāṣyas, the Rāmāyaṇa and the Mahābhārata day and night... More about Brahmaśrī Dr. R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal.


Brahmaśrī Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal

Brahmaśrī Dr. Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal (61) has the rare double honour of having studied the Vedas and the śāstras in a traditional way as well as having completed his master’s degree in modern Science.  As for the ṣāstras, he studied them under Injikkollai Brahmaśrī Jagadeeswara Sastrigal, a renowned scholar and a great exponent of Vedānta and Śrīvidyā. Such was Sri Sastrigal’s zeaḷ in learning the śāstras that he utilized every moment of his spare time for studying the śāstras after returning from his work-place... More about Brahmaśrī Sri. Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal.