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Om. All this, whatsoever moves on the earth should be covered by the Lord, Īśvara... (Īśāvāsya-upaniṣad I.i)

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"Let the lucid line-by-line exposition of the commentaries of Bhagavatpāda on the Upaniṣads and the Brahma-sūtras and of other scriptural texts of the Advaita Vedānta be made available to as many spiritual seekers as possible"

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05/ADV 9th Jan 2009


Ram ram


Sub:Easy way to Sanskrit learning


Sri Vidyasankar of MM Forgings has brought to our attention about

the following site which provides easy way to learning of Sanskrit.

You can download each lesson as a PDF file.




Ram ram


K Sundararaman


04/ADV 9th Jan 2009

Ram Ram

Dr G Anjaneyalu

Some of you might have heard the lecture by this gentleman during Injikollai Sadas;
He is the administrator for Adv siddhi exams and lives in tenali.You can visit his site given below which is interesting.


K Sundararaman


03/ADV 27th Dec 2008


Special Lectures


Dr Mani Dravid gives special lectures during Vijayadasami every year.These have

been ported under Special Lectures.




HH Appiah Dikshita wrote this book and this was republished by the Samithi at

Hyderabad.Polagam Sri Rama Sastrigal wrote an introduction to this book ending with a prayer on Ambaal.


Sastrigal based his lecture on this master piece.(Refer MD_CMD)




In this lecture Sastrigal covers Upanishad,Brahmasutra as well as Geetha and

aptly covers importance of this Upanishad among the ten principal Upanishads.




During Sankara Jayanthi in 2007 Sastrigal gave a lecture on .Brahmasuthram based

on Annambhatta’s vritti.Again Polagam Sastrigal had written a bhoomika and his lecture

was based on this masterpiece.A supplementary lecture was given at Narmada flats and

both have been ported here.(MD_BS)


K Sundararaman


01/ADV 7th Dec 2008

I am glad to inform you that our own web site for Advaita Siddhi and the Upanshad Bhashyas

has now been established and has become operational under the following reference:



Some improvements are required and these will be done progressively.

After reaching the site, interested users have to register themselvesf with email ID in order

to listen to or download the lectures. Facility to download upto five files per day has been provided.


I would like to thank all the volunteers who have worked with me to realise this project. Sri.PN

Sundaresan deserves special mention; he has been recording and editing the

the Advaita Siddhi lectures. We are confident that with the support of all, we could record the lectures

using better  technologies and provide audio tracks with better quality

K. Sundararaman.

Note on Lexicon adopted for Dr Mani Dravid sastrigal's  Lectures


Upanishad                                 Lexicon adopted


Isavasya Upanishad     Isa      Kena Upanishad       KU

                                                       Padabhashya            BU

                                                       Vakyabhashya           VB

 Mundaka                         MU  

Mandookya                      MAU        Prasna                    PU

    Upanishad                  UP         Aithereya                   AU

     Karika                          KA

 Katha                              KU            Taitariya                  TU

Swethaswara                SWU        Chandogya              CHU

Brahadaryaka                BU


The prefix MD refers to Dr Mani Sastrigal's lectures. 


Brahmasutra    BS

Adhyayam  One Digit   Padham  One Digit  Adhikaranam Two digits

Sutram Two digits File no  two Digits